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Valerie Hostetler

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I'm an artist and an art teacher and this is my 12th year teaching Art at Ross Ford.  I teach all the Grade 1, 2, 3, and 4 students Art. ( So that's lots of names for Arthur-my dragon mascot and I to remember!) We have a 1 hour Art class in every 5 day rotation. I LOVE how excited the students are as they arrive to our amazing Art room! We draw, paint and build with clay. We study art concepts, solve problems, develop individual expressions and create meaningful engaging experiences.

I've practiced the art of painting for the past 40 years. I studied art in Ottawa, Banff and New York City. I enjoy creating art that refers to the landscape. I've lived and taught in the Olds area for the past 32 years, but I like to spend time in cities too! I'm proud of the clay tile murals I've created through the involvement of thousands of students in the schools of Sundre, Olds, Innisfail and Didsbury and at the Olds Aquatic Centre.  I spend my summers on an island in Lake Temagami in northern Ontario, where I enjoy visiting with family and friends and spending quality time on the water.

Here at Ross Ford we believe in the importance of the ARTS!  I'm so happy to be able to teach visual arts in such a supportive environment!