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Darla Korver

Student Services - Family Wellness

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My name is Mrs. Korver. I am the Family School Wellness Worker at Ross Ford Elementary School. I have worked for Chinook's Edge School Division for 6 years and I love being part of this school community in Didsbury. You will find me doing various things in the school, such as classroom programs or working to support children and families. I am also known for teaching students how to solve the Rubik's cube.  

I enjoy staying active with my family with cross-country skiing, hiking and biking in the mountains.  I often bring my sketchbook along and paint and draw on location.

The Family School Wellness Program is a confidential, voluntary, preventative service offered to children, youth and families.  Family School Wellness is available year round and is free of charge.  Services  can be offered through the school, at your home or in the community.  

For more information on the Family School Wellness Program in Chinook's Edge, please click here