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Susan Paton

Teachers - Grade Two

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I am teaching grade 2 once again this year after a wonderful 3 years of co-teaching grade 2 with Mrs. Dalton. What a terrific experience it was to work together. This be my 24th year teaching at Ross Ford School. I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to teach a variety of grades such as kindergarten and grades two through four in those 24 years. I’d have to say kindergarten and grade two are my favorites. I truly love working at Ross Ford School and the wonderful people I get to work with.

On a more a more personal note, I am married to Mr. Paton, who teaches physics at Didsbury High School. We have two grown children, Keegan and Mackenzie. We just found out that our son Keegan got engaged. I guess wedding planning will be on the horizon. Our daughter Mackenzie just finished her cosmetology course in Lethbridge. I’m looking forward to many future hairstyles.

I recently finished my Masters of Education and can say working full time and teaching is a challenge but I made it! Our two children were also attending school at the same time and all of us graduated in the same year! How cool is that!

During our time off from school Iain and I enjoy camping and relaxing with a great book! We also love to travel and visit family and friends.