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Della Milne

Support Staff

Key Roles

I feel very lucky to be working as an Administrative Support person in the office at Ross Ford for my seventh year! Some of the best moments of my day are when the students give me a smile or a wave as they come by the front desk. It warms my heart. We are always here for them, and they know they can ask us for help any time they need it. My primary role is in student information services. If you need to enroll a new student, or need help updating your child’s contact information, I’m probably the person you need.

Didsbury has been my home since 2006. I love living in a town that honours its history and showcases its old buildings. There is a strong community spirit here, with a commitment to the arts. Some of the things I like to do when I’m not working are reading, doing crossword puzzles and daydreaming about all the ways I'd love to make my home more beautiful and comfortable.